Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013 Scenes

It was a very merry time!
Baking cookies for Santa

The committed crew of decorators

Danny's turn to put Baby Jesus in the manger

A grand group

The Christmas morning scene

Dapper dudes in vests

Laura admiring her new stocking from Grammy while allowing Danny to read to her.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Danny's 1st Grade Nativity Play

Right before Thanksgiving, Danny got the exciting news that he would get to play a soldier in the annual nativity play performed by the CKS 1st Grade. His Halloween costume would be so perfect! He was psyched. Then, at the first practice, he fainted. Fell off the riser and cut his head. Since this was not his first fainting experience, I figured he'd shake it off. Instead, the incident haunted him throughout the next several practices. As they moved through the play more quickly and the days were cooler, he relaxed. Until performance night. Getting ready for the play, Danny was more nervous than I have ever seen him! Several trips to the bathroom, a few rounds of tears, and lots of assurances later, we got him to the show dressed and ready. Where he recited his line beautifully and did not faint! (Though he fidgeted constantly and took deep breathes visibly over and over again.)

He was darling, and just about the sweetest soldier I've seen. But, perhaps not quite ready for a drama club.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Clare 'Do Returns

Last weekend, Clare decided rather abruptly that she was ready to cut her hair - rather significantly. She stuck to her decision, so one week later we went for the chop!

We had hoped to have enough to donate, and sure enough, the stylist managed to salvage 8 inches which we will send off to Beautiful Lengths.

Of course we always think she's gorgeous, but Tim and I are both particularly delighted with the return of her bob - it just feels like her signature style!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fa La La

With Thanksgiving being so late this year, and being out of town, it feels as though it took us quite a while to put up our tree. But the long-awaited day finally arrived, and as usual it was worth the wait. After a somewhat gross warm, humid week, today the seasonally chilly weather returned just in time for our festivities - and holiday attire:

A tree was quickly selected in order to beat the cold and get to bagels sooner. The remainder of the day was spent putting up outdoor decor and tracking down supplies for our tree-trimming feast (and Clare's science fair project...). At last the appointed hour arrived, which we kicked off with a bubbly toast:

I love that they are all still so enthusiastic about coordinating pajamas.
Then the decorating began in earnest. Tim and I both observed that Laura is really at a fun age for Christmas, delighting in everything - she excitedly called me over to the front door to look at how our light-up reindeer's head moves. Every ornament elicited an "ooh," from her, while Clare and Danny relished in reuniting with old favorites.

As much as they love the tree, the chocolate fondue for dessert may still be the kids' highlight...and may explain why I had a tough time getting a picture with our finished product. But hey, a little fun along the way is really the whole point, right?