Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Swim Team 2016

Swim team this summer was quite an affair for our family. After I was semi-coerced into taking the role of team manager, Danny decided he might as well join his sisters and swim on the team. Suffice to say, we all spent a lot of time at the pool. (Although perhaps not quite as much time as I spent on the computer answering emails.) And while practice may not have been his favorite, Danny really enjoyed the swim meets, and the camaraderie of boys to play hoops with during lifeguard breaks, which has made our leisure visits to the pool a lot more fun for him. In short, although it was a lot of work AND may have taken a bit of an emotional toll on me, I'd say it was overall a winning proposition.

 Danny and Laura both enjoyed having the Millers on the team with them, too!
And of course, the concessions were always a hit.
Clare, as always, thrived on the atmosphere and socializing with her friends. Next year she'll be eligible to be a junior coach, a job I suspect she will embrace enthusiastically. She has already started honing her coaching skills on Danny, and has apparently done it well because he has declared he'll return next year! Laura has decided the same, too, but there was really never any question about that. Which means I guess I will, too...