Sunday, April 8, 2018

CKS Spring Break 2018

Once again, we divided and conquered our spring breaks this year. Tim took Clare down to Sarasota for a few days on her break in March (which I may or may not get to blog about, given my lack of photos), and then Danny, Laura and I drove down the day after Easter. It's not necessarily ideal to vacation separately, but I think we all took advantage of what we had. And we were certainly grateful to Donna and Larry for being such willing hosts for it all.
Flat Stanley was a featured component of our adventures, as you can see. I'm pleased to say that while it wasn't *always* the case, Danny and Laura chose to be companions more often than not.

We did many of the classic things we love about Sarasota, staying mostly local with one day trip to the fabulous zoo in Tampa. The weather was gorgeous, and we soaked up the pool and the beach most of all. Sunset on Siesta Key never disappoints, nor did anything else!

Monday, April 2, 2018

An Excellent Easter

We celebrated another beautiful Easter on a picture-perfect day. It was a leisurely day, culminating in mass in the evening at CTK and then a home-cooked feast.

Blessed beyond measure on this most glorious of days!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Fantastic Fifteen

Another birthday has come and come for Clare, and if 14 was fabulous, 15 is looking to be fantastic! I know we still have a long stretch ahead of us, but thus far I am a big fan of the teen years - at least as far as this girl goes.
Once again, she opted to celebrate with her friends at dinner, and this year she chose a tapas feast at Eclipse di Luna. This proved to be an extremely fun venue, and the girls all loved the way "the food just kept coming!" Everyone had a chance to order something they liked or were interested in, and I'm pretty sure no one left hungry (particularly since we concluded with ice cream cake).
This group of girls was fun (they opted to dance to the live music), thoughtful, sweet and polite. Everything we could have asked for, and so much of what we see in our incredible firstborn.
We did our traditional family dinner and homemade cake the following weekend, and I love that she chose a Harry Potter theme for her cake. May her love of books continue well into the next phase of her life.
Happy, happy birthday, Clare!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sadie Hawkins 2018

One day, Clare announced to me that she planned to ask someone to the Sadie Hawkins dance. I'll admit I was surprised, but impressed - that's a bit intimating, after all. Given that "asks" have developed into a bit of a production among high schoolers these days, she had to come up with a strategy. Fortunately, her friendship and inside jokes with her intended made that easier: She went with a Harry Potter theme, crafting a variation on the Marauders Map (see above).
Over the next few weeks, Clare was very good-natured about our questions - and comments - about "Ben from biology," and of course we were looking forward to meeting him. Her friend Eva's parents kindly hosted a picture party (another development that has evolved significantly since my days at high school dances), so it was a nice opportunity for the parents to mingle while the kids enjoyed a lovely dinner. And took lots and lots of pictures.

It really seemed to be a good group of kids who enjoyed each other's company. Given that these are 9th graders, they all relied on parents for transportation, so we departed en masse from the picture party to the dance - fortunately Marist was only a couple of miles away.

Clare clearly had a great time, but not surprisingly, the highlight was meeting up with Abby after the dance and heading to The Cheesecake Factory for a debrief, just as they did after Homecoming. Sounds like this is a non-negotiable tradition from now on - and an event I can fully support!

These girls are definitely growing up, and I love that they continue to do so together.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Father-Daughter Duo 2018

Once again, the CKS Father-Daughter Dance was highly anticipated by Laura. We went shopping for a dress, an excursion that led to actually trying things on! We also had some diva-like behavior surrounding her hairstyle: she requested we curl it, which I did, which them prompted tears that she just wanted it straight! So, a braid it was. 

Fortunately she recovered and the two had a lovely dinner together at Mellow Mushroom, the dance itself, and capped off with McFlurries from McDonald’s because she had always wanted to try one. A sweet evening indeed.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Boys

After much clamoring by Danny and Laura, some online scouting, and the advantage of a long weekend, I finally decided the time had come to add felines back to the family. Initially we had always envisioned filling Quincy’s place with just one kitty. But when we came across these boys via a local shelter’s website, citing them as a “bonded pair,” one easily became two.

Thanks to soccer practice for Danny and a nasty cold for Clare, it wound up just being Laura and I who headed to adopt Sirius and Snape. It was definitely love at first sight, and they have not disappointed! They are sweet, playful, cuddly - and quiet!! (At least so far.)

Being ALL black, they are also really difficult to photograph- but I am happy to keep trying!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Danny the Scholarship Recipient

There are a number of awards and scholarships given out at Christ the King School throughout the various grades. One of the bigger ones, both in terms of money and prestige, is the Cullom Owings Scholarship. Given in memory of the son they’ve tragically lost in a car accident while he was in college, the Owings family chooses to have fifth graders nominate their peers as finalists, and then they choose the winners (one boy, one girl) from that select group. We are so proud that Danny was this year’s recipient!

Unfortunately, the award was presented while I was out of town at Shine. But Tim managed to rearrange his schedule in order to be there, and we are so glad he was.

Danny’s “competition” was a pair of boys who are really kind, smart boys, so it truly was an honor to be nominated. We are confident he will do Cullom and his family proud.