Monday, February 18, 2013

329 Lives On

When Breen, Mallie, Susi and I decided to room together senior year at ND (in the glorious suite 329), I knew we'd have a great year but didn't imagine reunions years and years later. Then again, as seniors we didn't like to imagine life beyond May. Pregnancies, new jobs, family crises have prevented the regularity we'd prefer for our reunions, but they have occasionally happened. So far, this year's has been my favorite.
It's no small feat to manage a weekend away, and I was nervous that a trip to CA was too ambitious. But then Susi sent a picture of her spectacular mountain retreat in Tahoe, and we were sold. And when we actually arrived, it was love at first sight.

The view from Sue's deck.

We originally planned to ski, as these trips started out as somewhat annual ski trips. The lack of snow derailed those plans, which was fine by me. We managed to run, hike, hot tub, shop, cook, snooze, drink wine, and talk. A more perfect retreat for four moms is unfathomable.
We kept joking about how truly happy we all look in these photos of the four of us. But seriously, what's not to love about this weekend? (And a huge shout-out to those guys we love who made this all possible!)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Tale of Three Valentines

To Clare and Danny, by far the most exciting element of a finished basement (which is coming along quickly) is a safe haven for their Legos. Clare asks about this a lot, wondering if there will be a table to leave creations (yes) as well as storage space (yes again). Danny has meanwhile asked about the logistics of moving his beloved Hogwarts castle. I think he may have actually lost some sleep over this one, and just doesn't trust Tim or me with moving it. Suffice to say, Legos are a big deal for them right now, which is what inspired this year's valentine gifts. Laura probably won't have any interest in her "baby" Legos, but I figured I'd at least try.

For the valentines they are distributing at school, both Clare and Danny stayed pretty consistent with last year's cards. I think Danny's first choice would have been wolf valentines, but Target didn't have any, so sports was an acceptable option.

It's incredible to think that by next year, Laura will have her own little classmates to distribute cards to as well. Heaven only knows what her selection will amount to!

Danny was diagnosed with a sinus infection after a call from the CKS clinic on Friday afternoon to come retrieve him, so here he is in his wolf jammies, slightly pitiful.

Strange Bedfellows

This is the menagerie that Laura currently insists on for company at nap and bedtime. In fact, she awoke inconsolable a few nights ago when she realized that they were not with her (Daddy put her to bed that night...).

Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Baby's Baby

Laura is too young to be tied down. For example, those beads I wrote about a while back have faded into the background, only occasionally dug out for brief moments at a time. Although I do think she remains fond of accessories, as she has taken to carrying the sparkly pink Hello Kitty purse (in a photo below) almost everywhere we go. The monkey lovey that I thought had secured a spot in her heart, particularly when the first one went missing and I needed to buy a second one, has long been gathering dust in the corner of her crib.

And yet I will venture to say that I think she might be my baby doll kid. I loved dolls, and played with mine a lot. For many years. I am still bummed when I think about Cara, my Cabbage Patch Kid, succumbing to mold in the sub-basement of my parents' house. And while Clare is very into her American Girl dolls right now, this is a relatively recent interest that is very different than playing mommy to a baby doll. In fact, the baby doll she was given when she was about Laura's age really never got much play...until she was handed over to Laura, that is.

She sleeps with her, and always ensures we bring "Baby's" bottle to bed, too.
She pushes her in the stroller Santa brought, though often abandons her mid-walk.
She feeds her "coffee" and then stores the cup in her purse.
When I found this picture, I realized that this doll has been in Laura's life from the beginning. It'll be interesting to see how long the relationship lasts.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sing Us a Song, He's Piano Dan

For a few months now, Danny has been saying that he would like to take piano lessons. At first, as usual, I didn't take him very seriously. I mean, where does this fit in with his pursuit of an NFL career? I just didn't think he had the focus. But his persistence paid off, and as Clare's teacher had an opening we decided to give it a try.

I should mention that this inaugural lesson was supposed to take place last Wednesday. When I awoke him for school, he leaped out of bed and shouted, "Hooray! It's piano day!" Alas, we were inflicted with severe weather that entailed power outages galore, so we figured it would be best to postpone. It is hard to overemphasize how distraught Danny was with this news when I picked him up from school that day. Apparently the weather already had him in tears at school (they spent part of the afternoon in tornado prep, and the rain was coming down in veritable sheets), and this disappointment was just too much.

After stewing about it for several days, we finally came around to the long-awaited following Wednesday, when he once again jumped out of bed with joy for the upcoming lesson. I think he truly enjoyed it, too, as he shyly told me (while still sitting on the teacher's piano bench), "It was really fun!" He proceeded to inform the gal cutting his hair that today was his first lesson, and that he loved it. I realize the enthusiasm will wane, but this is the stuff that's so fun to witness and document.
Laura, too, has mentioned once or twice, "Piano? Me?" I wonder how quickly she'll wear me down for these life experiences?