Saturday, December 20, 2008

Clare's best day

Over the past week, Clare has been alternating between telling me that Friday was going to be the "biggest" day of her life, and the "best" day of her life. Being the last day of school before Christmas vacation, and a noon dismissal to boot, I could see how it would be a pretty good day - at least, for a lot of kids. But Clare told Max the other day that she doesn't want to grow up, because she loves going to school. So, what was the big deal for her with Friday? (And where did she learn this fine art of hyperbole, anyway?) The Kindergarten Mass.

In my limited, and completely unresearched, understanding, each class at Christ the King is responsible for one of the school masses throughout the school year. Turns out the Kindergarten classes (plus Pre-First Grade) are given the Christmas mass. For the past month they have been practicing several songs, with which Clare would serenade me on occasion. Earlier in the week she told me they would be wearing capes, which was quite the visual. Interspersed through it all were these near-manic declarations that Friday was going to be the "biggest" or "best" day.

So I treated it accordingly, which means I farmed Danny out so that I could attend the festivities sans the distractions of an annoying little brother. I'm so glad I did, too, because it was priceless. I scored a seat in the choir loft, which wasn't the best spot for pictures but did afford me a better view than the way back of the church, which was my alternative. The kids processed in, so very solemnly, and performed most of their songs before mass began, singing their hearts out. It was easy to see why this group was given the Christmas mass, because the combination of little ones during this season is truly magical.

When I met up with Clare later for her class' Christmas party (and surprise wedding shower for her teacher, who is getting married on New Year's Eve), she was beaming broadly and did seem to be thoroughly enjoying her day. Of course, now it's in the past and her new focus is on our trip to California (less than a day away), no doubt to be followed by Christmas itself. So it's hard to say if it lived up to being the biggest and the best - but happy is really the ultimate outcome anyway.

(In the blurry video below, Clare is on the left side, third kid in, three rows back, in a red "cape" or robe or whatever those things really are.)

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