Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break Snippets

For the first time in a long while, we are home for Spring Break. I wasn't looking forward to this staycation very much, considering we had a whole week of togetherness in January thanks to the ice storm. But with an attitude adjustment on my part and a back-to-basics mentality, it's turning out to be okay. Indulging in leisurely mornings has been a welcome treat for all of us (especially Tim). The weather has cooperated, affording lots of outside playtime which is also a refreshing way to spend the day. Trips to the library, going out to lunch, and most importantly playdates are all contributing to a very pleasant week.

I decided that this week was as good a time as any to return a sleepover that Clare enjoyed with one of her best friends from school, Abby. Danny fluctuated between feeling left out and being right in the thick of things, which is about what I expected. To soften the blow, I invited his friend Brennan over for a playdate the following morning. Tim and I have discovered that importing friends is really a sanity saver.

What will really make my spring break, or at least my day, is if we all take a nap this afternoon. A mom can dream, right?

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