Monday, October 28, 2013

Running Away

Last February, in Tahoe, I made a bet that, frankly, I didn't think would come to pass. If Mallie ran a half marathon, I would go skiing again. Evidently I underestimated her, and it would seem that I will, at some point, be strapping on some skis, as this past weekend we ladies of 329 completed the Cape Cod Half Marathon. And I really hope it becomes a tradition.
Kettle corn at the finish was a major incentive for Mal Pal.
 October is my favorite month, and autumn is my favorite season, no question. So a tour through one of New England's glittering gems at this time of year was a slam-dunk as far as I was concerned. (Bonus points for a fairly flat course.) I had already sworn, after last November's Atlanta half marathon, that I was through running through the ATL for long distances, because the views simply do not match the effort required for the incessant hills. This vow, paired with my desire to make more of my girls' trips active ones, led me to a fabulous April race with Sheryl (the Chickamauga Chase 15K, through picturesque Chickamauga National Battlefield on the border of Georgia and Tennessee) and now this Cape Cod half marathon.
I remain supremely impressed with Mals' dedication to run this, considering she had never run more than a 5K. Breen overcame injuries, Susan snapped out of her semi-retirement, and together we had a truly wonderful weekend. We stayed in Charlie's aunt and uncle's incredible home on the Cape, ate ourselves silly, and gabbed and gabbed and gabbed.
The view from the house where we lodged.
We're all now nestled back into reality, but I am already scheming for the next race, fueled by my memories. You can't run away from your problems, but you can run away to good times!
Post-race lunch and beverages.

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