Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snapshots from Another Snowstorm

This one has been dubbed by the locals as either Icepocalypse or snOMG. Both work. We got walloped by a bunch of ice and snow again this week, leading to three more snow days, two of which included Tim. I'll admit I was dreading it, and I'll also admit I was wrong to do so, as we wound up enjoying (most of) it. Of course, I will also tell you that when CKS alerted us that the kids would have school on Monday, despite a previously scheduled holiday, I did a dance of joy.

Here are some images from our time off:

Taking advantage of Tim's presence to have him make waffles for breakfast. We went through a lot of butter in 36 hours.

Despite fears, we never lost power...but opted to grill nevertheless. You can take him out of Buffalo and Chicago, but...

Woke to a beautiful, snow-capped morning.

The mini snowman I made which Laura promptly stompled to pieces.

The real hero of this ice storm: electronic entertainment.

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