Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mommy's Little Helper

The seemingly extreme amount of time between when the big kids returned to school and when Laura will resume has had me joking (mostly) for the need for a "mother's little helper." In all fairness, though, Laura really is my little helper, and embraces the role. For example, she almost never turns down an opportunity to cook with me, and frankly is quite adept at her role (see above).
She cheerfully insists, "I'll go with you" when I announce the need for yard work, and the same goes for Tim. (A joy ride on the ridiculously oversized mower is icing on the cake.)
As frustrating as her behavior can be, I try to remind myself that it's her desire to find her place in the world, and our family, that leads to her outbursts and neediness. Nevertheless, I am counting the days when she can lend a hand to her teacher for a few hours a week...

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