Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Three Times 4

I have come to the conclusion that January 2 is a pretty lousy birth date. By that point, we are simultaneously over the holidays and yet depressed that they have ended for another year. I will forever need to muster the enthusiasm to make Laura's day feel special. This year, we managed to celebrate her three times (actually, once Grandma and Grandpa arrive next week bearing her gift the tally will grow to four), so I think we covered it this year.

We even managed to celebrate in two different countries! We first toasted her on New Year's Day in the U.K., where she thoroughly enjoyed a delicious chocolate cake as well as gifts:
Making a wish.

Listening to Uncle John read her new story.
I specifically mention the cake, because for her "real" birthday she insisted on a strawberry cake, with Elsa in frosting. We suggested that as she doesn't generally seem to like frosting, perhaps she would want something else? But she insisted. She also requested that the entire house be decorated with princesses. She originally felt this should extend to everyone's rooms, including Danny's, but we managed to talk her off of that particular ledge.

Above all else, she required balloons:
Note princess decor taped to the mantle. There was more around the house, I promise, but I think she wasn't overly impressed.
Her new Frozen scooter, which I think has turned out to be her favorite gift, judging by how much she scooters around the house:

Here we have the cake. She professed to like it, but in reality she ate about two bites, and since then has consistently opted for just about anything else for dessert. Chocolate cake next year, please!!
Finally, today we celebrated her birthday at school. She was very excited about this event, even though I knew it would amount to about 10 minutes of her day. If only she were always so easy to please. For the treat, she wanted a purple popsicle. Turned out today was frigid, but that didn't affect her enjoyment of it one iota!
And now she is really and truly four years old! I admit, I am not one bit sorry to say goodbye to age three - but I am very glad she joined our family four years ago!