Monday, April 27, 2015

The Magazine Subscription Milestone

The scene as seen from the kitchen window.
I just paid for a magazine subscription. It's for a weekly magazine, no less. I decided it was time for me to spend more time reading about current events, and less time flailing around on Facebook. More importantly, I realized that time is precisely the missing link here: I have it, and boy does it feel good.

To be clear, it's all still relative, and I still bemoan the limitations of preschool hours. However, Laura is gaining independence, learning how to amuse herself. She still prefers to do so in close proximity to me more often than not, but it's progress nonetheless. (She's also significantly more adept at this skill when Tim is in charge. Hmmm.)

Meanwhile, Danny has made overtures with the kids in the house behind ours, which has led to more social activity for him and, occasionally, Laura (see above photo). While Clare has developed a social life for herself that is quite impressive, the other two were in need of some nearby pals, so this is a huge win. HUGE.

Too bad the news I'm now reading isn't as pleasant...

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