Thursday, November 12, 2015

Good (School) Sports

As the school year rolls on, both Danny and Clare are now engaged in sports teams for their schools. Clare finished cross country at Marist and has moved on to swimming, which of course is near and dear to her heart. The first meet was really fun for all, as it was fueled by school spirit that really elevated it to a true team sport.
Meanwhile, Danny has finally reached the age where playing basketball means playing against other schools. Better still, his dad is his team's coach - fulfulling a dream for them both, I would say.
Game face!
Tim was relieved and happy to win their first game handily, as the boys came together in ways not previously seen at practice...
One of my favorite things about games between Catholic schools: the pre-game Hail Mary shared by both teams.
Let's go War Eagles, and let's go Lions!

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