Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Sunset in Siesta Key
This was our first year of split spring breaks among the schools, but we didn't let that stop us from heading to sunny Sarasota. After all, if you can't miss a week of third grade (much less preschool), you aren't living right! Tim stayed home, but Abby joined us, and we descended on Donna and Larry's gracious hospitality for a fabulous week.

We did a lot together and plenty apart, and all of that was made possible by Donna and Larry diving in to help. Visits to the pool were the one constant, happening every afternoon.
I took all four kids to the beach Monday, and despite a good time, Danny and Laura decided that was enough beaching for them (until our sunset farewell on Friday night, anyway). Not so for Clare and Abby, who returned with me early Friday and spent lots of time playing and laughing in the water. Truly, every time I looked up from my book, they were laughing!
Danny enjoyed two particular highlights during the week - a return to his reptile friends at the Sarasota Jungle Gardens:
And three rounds of golf with Grandpa:
He looks SO much bigger here than the toddler who loved to swing his clubs.
Laura enjoyed some one-on-one time with both me and Grandma, and learned she loves this playground as much as she did when we first discovered it four years ago:

As with any good vacation, we ate ourselves silly at favorite haunts like Outback, Olaf's, Phillippi Creek and the hibachi place. The week culminated with a trip to Siesta Beach at sunset, which is a spectacular sight!

These two never tire of each other's company!
The whole week was another reminder of how very blessed we are!

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