Monday, April 4, 2016

Teenage Clare

Wallets poised and ready for shopping.
Clare chose to celebrate her 13th birthday in a way that befits teenage girls: shopping with her best friend. She had to wait for the weekend following her birthday, since Abby was out of town, but the day was a roaring success and was definitely worth the wait in her book.
We started with a tasty lunch at the restaurant inside Nordstrom. Happily for me, Abby's mom joined us for the day, which made for a more fun and relaxing experience for all involved! Five hours and several purchases later, we made our way to visit Abby's new puppy before finishing the day at Ted's for dinner and strawberry shortcake! We all felt like we'd had a little getaway for the day.
Since her actual birthday fell on Good Friday, we kept the festivities at a minimum. Nevertheless, birthday joy was in the air, and I am happy to say that Clare spent the first part of it playing with her siblings. So far, teenage Clare is still awesome.

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