Saturday, August 13, 2016

First Day of Fourth Grade and KINDERGARTEN!

After a summer that went by at warp speed, it was suddenly time for CKS to resume - and for Laura to begin her career there! Leading up to the first day of school, she was very positive. When I woke her up, however, she wasn't so sure and shed some tears. Fortunately, by the time we left she pulled herself together, and it was smooth sailing from there.
Danny was a very encouraging big brother, which definitely helped. As a student ambassador for a new 4th grade student, he had his own responsibilities, but he did his part to support Laura. While he has waxed poetic about his grade and teacher (so far), Laura has been a bit less forthcoming. Sometimes she gives it a thumbs up, sometimes she claims it's boring and they just sit there. I guess we'll just have to see! Her Pre-K experience will be a tough act to follow, but I suspect she'll have more good days than bad. I also think it's a good sign that this was her initial response to learning that today is Saturday: "Oh, man, that means it'll be BORING."
Heading off to her class for the first day!

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