Sunday, October 30, 2016

Running Away with the Girls

Right before Halloween, I got to escape to Northern CA with Breen, Mals, Cat and Susi, and it was fabulous. The cornerstone event of the weekend was the Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon, but the highlight was simply catching up with dear friends who go way back. This started with a very chatty car ride from the airport to Healdsburg, continued with a delicious Italian restaurant in the charming downtown, and carried on through a groggy, early, dark and rainy race morning.
The race itself was gorgeous, but tough (pretty sure my training wasn't the best I've ever logged). Nevertheless, we finished and even managed to choke down some post-race wine.
After we cleaned ourselves up, we visited Kendall Jackson winery before heading to a sumptuous post-race bbq hosted by Breen's friends, who run the race every year in memory of a loved one.
As is always the case, the time flew by. But given how easily we always pick up with each other, I know it doesn't really matter how long until we meet again!

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