Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Stellar Sixth Birthday

"My birthday is my favorite holiday!" exclaimed Laura, both in anticipation of and at the conclusion of her big day. Coming on the heels of the traditional holidays, it makes sense that she would consider her birthday to be one of them. Probably also true for the rest of the family, given that it typically marks the final hurrah as far as eating goes.
Once again, Laura opted to celebrate not with a party, but with an all-day play date with Meghan, beginning with breakfast from Dunkin Donuts.
From there they played at our house until it was time to head to the American Girl Cafe for a celebratory lunch. The experience echoed Clare's 7th birthday, and it was so fun to watch the girls delight in it all. (It was also very helpful to have Clare with me when it came time to hit the restroom, stand in line to pay at the store, etc.)
Naturally we couldn't escape the mall without a ride on the carousel, at least not when it's your birthday!
From here it was time to go home, change clothes, frost her cake and then head to Catch Air for some play time. It was a zoo due to the rainy weather and day off from school and work, but the girls managed to have a terrific time and played for two solid hours.
This proved to be the perfect way to work up an appetite for more cake and ice cream. I loved that as we left Catch Air, going on about nine hours together, they were trying to negotiate MORE time together - a testimony to a successful day!
It really was a happy birthday, which was evident from Laura's beaming face. Sweet girls, sweet day!

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