Saturday, April 1, 2017

Shining Stars

Friday, March 31 was a big day for both Danny and Clare. And thank heavens they didn't overlap, so I could witness both!
First up was Danny's 4th grade Poetry Performance, which is a true highlight of that grade and a favorite of all parents. I want you to know that it was entirely Danny's idea to wear a sport coat, too! Good choice, might I add. He, and all of his classmates, performed beautifully and clearly enjoyed every moment.
From here Clare and I raced to the car and hit the highway (thankfully not clogged despite the collapse of Highway 85 just the night before), heading the the Georgia State Geography Bee in Milledgeville. This was a repeat visit for Clare, who once again represented Marist and was once again one of only 10 girls out of the 100 finalists.

As usual, we were immensely proud of them both!

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