Thursday, June 22, 2017

Danny and Grandpa Join the Navy

Thanks to his ardent support of the Theodore Roosevelt Association, Larry was given the opportunity of a lifetime: To spend the day cruising the USS Roosevelt, an aircraft carrier, off the shores of San Diego. He invited Danny to join him for the excursion, and the result was the creation of lifelong memories.

The timing was excellent, as Danny has recently become very interested in the military, and even speaks of joining the Navy. I'll admit I can imagine him as being an excellent officer.
Learning to stand at attention.
Living large.
I don't know that we'll ever fully know which one of them had the better time, but I do know the smiles were VERY big when I greeted them at the airport. In addition to the incredible Naval experience, Larry spent six hours at the San Diego Zoo with our wildlife-loving boy - and even finished off the day with dinner at a hibachi restaurant. He came home a VERY happy boy, and I think even understands just how lucky he is!

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