Monday, August 31, 2009

Chivalry: It's Not Dead, But I Think It's Been Maimed

About a month ago, the first of the Halloween catalogs arrived in our mailbox. To my surprise, Danny eagerly grabbed them and has spent what amounts to hours poring over them. On any given day he is enthralled with a different costume, so I figured I'd give him time before forcing him to commit to one for the big event.

Costumes in catalogs pale in comparison with those in real life, however. So imagine his euphoria when we came across a selection of them in Costco this morning. I say "selection," but there was only one that caught his eye, thanks to the attached sword. After eliciting a promise from him that he wouldn't change his mind and does, in fact, want to be a knight in shining armor for Halloween, I decided to spring for the costume. Not so much because I really expect he'll keep his word (Halloween is a whole two months away, after all), but more because our playroom is filled with the dress-up clothes Clare spent years using. Danny is fortunately over his interest in wearing tutus, leaving him with not much else. Far be it from me to leave this rich source of imaginative play untapped!

So as soon as we got home, Danny eagerly donned his new knight ensemble. After my photo op, I asked him what this knight should do. Slay dragons? No. Rescue the damsel in distress? No. Explore uncharted forests? No. Well, what's left? "Watch Charlie & Lola!"

I dub thee, Sir Couch Potato.

Update: In defense of my parenting, after an episode of Charlie & Lola I turned off the TV, whereupon Danny did proceed to play jousting. So, my vision of the costume is coming true to an extent. It also helps that he has pronounced multiple times, "This is the coolest costume ever!"

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Amy B said...

that is an excellent costume - I love it!