Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Danny the Dolphin

(alternately titled "Free at Last!")

Today was Danny's first day of school, finally. His preschool doesn't begin until after Labor Day, which really was only annoying because Clare started nearly a month ago. Not that this bothered Danny, mind you. In fact, when I mentioned to him yesterday, in my oh-so-eager voice, that school would be starting today, his response was, "Aw, not again!" Fortunately, he was perfectly cheerful about going today, and "happy as a clam" at school according to one eyewitness. A far cry from last year, certainly!

So today marks Danny's first day as a VCLC Dolphin, and the first time he is treading in the same footsteps as Clare, who was also a Dolphin. Last year Danny was a Cub at VCLC, but since Clare went to a different preschool when she was two, there wasn't the direct comparison. Not that there will be too much of one this year, either, given that Danny has a completely new set of teachers. Which is a good thing, because they are completely different kids, and I can tell they will be very different types of students, too. I don't necessarily mean that disparagingly, as Danny has recently demonstrated more academic prowess than I gave him credit for possessing. I mostly just think it will be interesting. He has a load of charm, so we'll see if he learns to use it to his advantage!

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Crystal said...

Kylie will be so excited to see her Dolphin friends on Friday!!!