Friday, September 18, 2009

The Thoughts That Count

I am fortunate in that I feel loved by my family every day of the year. Still, it's nice to have that special, it's-all-about-me day, and this year they outdid themselves. To begin, Clare remembered almost immediately (despite it being 6:30 a.m.) to wish me a happy birthday. Not too much later in the day Danny serenaded me with "Happy Birthday" in that sweet, three-year-old voice. But the best was yet to come.

When Clare got home from school, after dutifully completing her homework, she ensconced herself in her room for nearly two hours "making [my] presents - and wrapping paper." You are probably as curious as I was as to what she was making. She kept an air of secrecy about the project, insisting that I stay out and keep Danny away. (The cats were allowed in, but naturally had no interest. So much for curiosity and cats.) The only tidbit she would give me was that she knew I was going to like one of them the most.

Evening eventually rolled around, Tim arrived home, and it was finally time to open presents. I must say that I received so many thoughtful gifts from friends near and far, so thank you all! Clare wanted to go last, so the anticipation had definitely mounted by the time she presented me with my first gift, which was: a paper doll set! She drew and cut out a doll, and then drew and cut out items of clothing for it. Adorable. The second gift, which sounds odd but I did think was creative, was a make-up set. She only got as far as the blush/eyeshadow container and a lipstick, both of which were constructed out of cardboard and a lot of tape. She says she plans to add more pieces later.

The third item was definitely the pies-de-resistance: "The Bear and the Soup," a story written and illustrated (so says the cover) by Clare. It's an adorable story that features the word "hibernation" on the very first page, perfectly spelled, too. I am not a sentimental mom and have tossed 97% of the artwork my kids have created, but I assure you I will treasure this creation forever. I am delighted that she plans to make an entire Bear series! She was right, too: I did love this one the best.

So, Clare pretty much ruled the day. Although, last but not least was my birthday cake, lovingly baked, frosted, and decorated (we use the term lightly) by Tim. He bakes me a cake every year, and this is one of the many reasons why I love him. No, he's not what one might call a baking artiste, but it was very tasty. (It's okay to go ahead and laugh at the ominously written "Mommy," because Tim did, too.)

So it was indeed a happy, happy birthday.

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Amy B said...

What happens in "The Bear and The Soup"??