Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Sports Spectacular

Okay, that might be overstating it just a tad. But we've had quite a whirlwind of sports-related summer camps this week. Danny participated in soccer camp from 9-12 every day this week, while Clare was at gymnastics camp from 9-1. Clare benefited from indoor air conditioning, while Danny endured the hottest week yet this year. I wasn't sure he would make it all five days, until I discovered the motivation of sugar. First of all, he wanted Gatorade, and secondly he wanted to be able to buy candy from the snack shack like the majority of other campers. Since this bought me three hours of freedom each morning, I conceded.

His progress report at the end of the week was less than glowing, but to that I tell myself, "He's four." (Though why is it so hard to hear criticism about your child from someone else? Even mild criticism?)

I have been able to witness Clare's progress first-hand, as the campers present a gymnastics show on the final day of their camp. She was originally signed up for just one week of this camp, a couple of weeks ago. As her best friend Elise was signed up for five weeks of it, Clare decided she wanted to do more. Our travel schedule doesn't permit all five, but we did add this week and have added next week as well. Clare has so many talents, but athletics are not something that come naturally to her, so I'm happy that she's found something she enjoys. And that one perfect, straight-leg cartwheel I saw her turn in today's show was an excellent sign!

Next week we add swimming lessons to the mix, so if nothing else we're planning a well-rounded summer. Perhaps the best part of all of this is that the kids get so physically worn out (particularly when we spend the afternoon at the pool) and have both been in bed well before 8 p.m. the last few nights. What better measure of success?

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