Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

All day yesterday, Danny would tell anyone he came across, "I know what today is! Halloween!!" His enthusiasm for this particular holiday has been impressive and long-lasting. He got to wear his costume to Sunday school, and thus pretty much all day. He even obliged us by falling asleep during quiet time, so he was well-rested for the main event.

The Francos joined us again, and once again we were a merry bunch. The weather was beautiful, too, so the trick-or-treating took place under pretty much ideal circumstances. Since it was a school night, everything started a bit earlier than usual, but free candy is just as tasty in the daylight.

We didn't outdo ourselves taking photographs, partially since we already had photos of them in costume from Disney. We also don't have any pictures of one of the spontaneous highlights of the night. The Francos brought glow sticks for the kids, which they didn't get to use until after dinner, when it was finally dark. As we adults sat enjoying pizza and wine, the kids went outside with the glow sticks and proceeded to run around for the better part of an hour. It was so fun to look out the front window and see the glowing sticks and shadowy kids holding them.

Not surprisingly, Danny has been a bit loathe to let Halloween go. Today being trash day, I decided we needed to go ahead and toss the carved pumpkins. I naively hoped Danny wouldn't really notice, or care. Pretty silly, since he harassed me for 48+ hours to carve them in the first place (his is the smallest jack-o-lantern, and the face was designed by him). He did notice their absence this morning, and immediately began sobbing. At one point he even looked at me, still crying, and said, "You ruined my whole life!" Happily, within an hour he had moved on. Knowing him, though, I haven't heard the last of it. I should start working on his Drama King costume.

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