Friday, November 26, 2010


Before I delve into the subject matter this post's title refers to, may I first mention that we had a most lovely, relaxing Thanksgiving yesterday. It was definitely more sedate than last year's festivities featuring the Needhams' visit, but for this uber-pregnant lady, that was probably for the best. We had some very pleasant weather that allowed a nature walk along the Chattahoochee trail, as well as outdoor playtime for the kids. We viewed the Macy's parade, cooked (I use the term "we" loosely, considering my mom definitely did the lion's share), and generally spent quality time with each other. Pretty much the perfect recipe for a day rightfully devoted to loved ones.

Clare very much looked forward to Thanksgiving this year. She also really looked forward to Black Friday, as she had been granted permission to participate with the Morlan women this year. For a couple of weeks now, Clare had occasionally asked me questions about Black Friday, including wondering whether or not it is considered a legitimate holiday. I told her no, but it really has become a tradition for my mom, my sister and me (and my Aunt Ann and cousin Kathryn, counting those years back). Now, we are not the "doorbuster" variety of Black Friday shoppers. We are wise enough to leave the house relatively early, but we also respect the need for some sleep and a decent breakfast!

Knowing that Sara would not be with us this year, that I was going to be ahead of the game on my shopping list, and that my pregnant status would prohibit the usual marathon of shopping, it seemed the perfect year to permit Clare to join us. Also because she is a true shopper at heart. She is very content to roam the racks and just look. You will note by the photo above that Clare was definitely looking for a plan to our day, which brought back memories of our time at Disney. She didn't so much care what the plan was, she simply wanted to be aware. I think writing the phrase "We'll just wait and see" was very difficult for her, but she took it in stride.

It was a successful day, complete with great parking spots and our traditional holiday music for the car. We secured nearly everything on our list (not to mention a couple of extras), introduced Grammy to the wonders of the Starbucks Peppermint Mocha, and were home in time to take an afternoon rest before wrapping a few presents. Please note that we did not eat in the food court, but rather the Nordstrom Cafe (also tradition), to which Clare gave two thumbs up. Also, Target should have been first on the list of shops (and remained Clare's favorite destination). All in all, I think the day lived up to Clare's expectations. As usual, she lived up to ours. Welcome to the day-after-Thanksgiving shopping world, baby girl!

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