Friday, January 7, 2011


When we first told Clare and Danny that we were expecting another baby, we expected surprise, caution, and even a negative attitude. Which was why we planned to tell them about our (then-upcoming) trip to Disney World at the same time. From the get-go, though, they surprised us by being happily excited.

Now that their baby sister has arrived, their excitement hasn't diminished, least, not yet. Danny is most definitely uncomfortable when she cries, but always eager to take his turn to hold her. When Sebe and his mom, Sherry, arrived this morning to take him on an excursion, he was bursting with pride and couldn't wait to show her off. He frequently proclaims his love for Laura, and pointedly asked one of the nurses at the hospital, "Do you love her?" As if, how could anyone not?

Clare, meanwhile, relishes every moment of holding Laura and is eager for opportunities to help give her a bath, read her a story, and put her to bed (which, don't get me wrong, isn't really happening yet). She has also repeatedly commented, "It's so exciting to have a real baby in the house!"

Considering this relationship is only five days old, I know we have some major ups and downs ahead of us. For right now, we're looking forward to the ride.

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Allyson Balzuweit said...

I must say I'm not surprised in the least - especially given how much Clare and Danny love each other and have high regard for one another. Yes, there are sure to be ups and downs, but kudos to you and Tim for teaching your kids at a young age that family relationships are the most important. Now, when I can I get my hands on that precious baby?!?