Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Room of Her Own

I always wished my parents had a picture of my nursery, which I know they worked really hard to decorate. I have pictures of Clare's nursery, but never did get around to photographing Danny's. Oops. So here is what Laura's room looks like. She just started sleeping in it this week, albeit not in the crib - she's still in the carseat. And since she slept 6 hours in it a couple of nights ago, who am I to complain?

She does really enjoy watching her mobile in her crib, as seen below. The photo isn't great, but it does show her wearing the famous 'safari jammies,' which for some reason Tim and I have always loved. It's the rare item that now all three babies have worn.

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Mary Beth said...

She is a gorgeous girl - with a beautiful room to match, Liz! Had to share that Quinlan too slept in her carseat, in the crib, for many weeks... She loved, she slept well - I didn't want to fight it either!