Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Tale of Two Valentines II

Similar to last year, Valentine's Day presents me with the opportunity to illustrate differences between Clare and Danny's tastes and personalities. They were once again pretty diverse in their choice of valentines, with Clare hand-crafting each of hers (all 26 of them) while Danny swooned over the Star Wars Clone Wars cards he found at Target.

My choice of valentines for them is further proof. I was fairly confident that each one would be thrilled with my selections, too, so I was very excited to give them. Danny's is Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia. His obsession with Star Wars (particularly The Clone Wars) continues, so no surprise with this choice. I nearly caved and gave Danny his book a week earlier, on one of our interminable Fridays, but I'm happy I held out.

Clare's stems from her recent, intense interest in international things, including language and French in particular. So for her I purchased Everything Kids' Learning French Book along with a French picture dictionary. This is a bit self-serving, as I am a little weary of her asking me if a certain word is French. Never having studied French, I don't have a clue - so please stop asking! (I really need to be more supportive of her insatiable curiosity where words are concerned. Add this to the list of my parenting faults.)

I suppose my dream of these books occupying them for hours on end this weekend is a bit optimistic, but I do think they were a success. (No, I did not get anything for Laura. But I did purchase a new wine bottle opener for Tim, as the old one succumbed to the ravages of overuse. Why yes, I will enjoy this gift as well!)

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