Friday, September 23, 2011

Clare's Ode to Annie Bear

Clare's class was recently asked to write about something special to them. Here is Clare's offering:

My Special Annie Bear
When I was very little, about my baby sister Laura's age my Grandma and Grampa gave me my Annie Bear. She is sort of like a rag doll. She is a stuffed animal bear. Annie Bear is pink. Her pink is very light and faded. She has a pink and white checked bow on her neck. I sleep with her almost every night. When I was little I took [her] every where with me. One day on summer vacation I went to a teddy bear picnic. But I did not take Annie Bear because I was afraid I would lose her. Sometimes we wash her. When she comes out she is dry, warm and cozy. She is the most special stuffed animal to me! I love Annie Bear so much!

By: Clare Seymour

Here's a picture of 18-month-old Clare (approximately) and me visiting my dorm. Annie Bear has traveled extensively!

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