Friday, September 30, 2011

Playground Panacea

We had today all planned. Clare and Danny were off school, the forecast was spectacular, and neighbors were up for an outing. So, we were going to venture to the zoo. I refuse to go there when it's hot, or on a busy weekend, so this was going to be a rare opportunity.

Laura woke up cranky - but I figured a nap would straighten her out. Danny woke up with a song in his heart, so that was great. But then Clare sat down to breakfast, and within moments was in a rare breakdown. Ostensibly, it was due to her sore teeth owing to getting her wires changed on Wednesday (a pain I remember all too well). But I also think the exhaustion of our generally busy lives caught up to her. So, we had the opportunity to slow it down today, which is exactly what we did.

A visit to the playground went over like gangbusters with all three. Really, how can you not be carefree and happy on a swing? It was Laura's first time, and most certainly not her last!

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