Friday, September 30, 2011

Playground Panacea

We had today all planned. Clare and Danny were off school, the forecast was spectacular, and neighbors were up for an outing. So, we were going to venture to the zoo. I refuse to go there when it's hot, or on a busy weekend, so this was going to be a rare opportunity.

Laura woke up cranky - but I figured a nap would straighten her out. Danny woke up with a song in his heart, so that was great. But then Clare sat down to breakfast, and within moments was in a rare breakdown. Ostensibly, it was due to her sore teeth owing to getting her wires changed on Wednesday (a pain I remember all too well). But I also think the exhaustion of our generally busy lives caught up to her. So, we had the opportunity to slow it down today, which is exactly what we did.

A visit to the playground went over like gangbusters with all three. Really, how can you not be carefree and happy on a swing? It was Laura's first time, and most certainly not her last!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Clare's Ode to Annie Bear

Clare's class was recently asked to write about something special to them. Here is Clare's offering:

My Special Annie Bear
When I was very little, about my baby sister Laura's age my Grandma and Grampa gave me my Annie Bear. She is sort of like a rag doll. She is a stuffed animal bear. Annie Bear is pink. Her pink is very light and faded. She has a pink and white checked bow on her neck. I sleep with her almost every night. When I was little I took [her] every where with me. One day on summer vacation I went to a teddy bear picnic. But I did not take Annie Bear because I was afraid I would lose her. Sometimes we wash her. When she comes out she is dry, warm and cozy. She is the most special stuffed animal to me! I love Annie Bear so much!

By: Clare Seymour

Here's a picture of 18-month-old Clare (approximately) and me visiting my dorm. Annie Bear has traveled extensively!

Monday, September 19, 2011

And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Lack of Schedule

After 19 days of live-in help ably provided by our generous and loving parents, I am once again walking upright and captain of the family helm. Overall, it went just fine, particularly considering that we feared disaster from Laura. By the end, though, it was obvious that everyone needed to resume normalcy, such as it is.

A normal schedule is something I have sought for Laura since day one, and I'm afraid it still eludes me. While we have developed a rhythm of after-school activities, there are still multiple exceptions that get in the way of a regular afternoon nap. When possible, I stay home to accommodate morning naps, only to have her poop herself awake each and every time, and far earlier than a standard nap would dictate. She also continues to need about three naps most days, especially since she is usually bright-eyed and bushy-tailed by 6 a.m. Who would have thought that those first few weeks of her life, when all she did was sleep, would seem so precious now.

As I write this, she is sound asleep. Naturally, because we have to leave momentarily to pick up the kids from school. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.