Thursday, September 20, 2012

That Plank In My Eye

I have recently lamented that I wish I could be parenting during the era of my own childhood. Yes, we had TV, but it was still pretty limited. Some people had video games, but not everyone, and the same with computers. Managing electronics was simply not on the radar, or at least it seems to me. I played with my friends, I played with my dolls, I played outside.

I can't decide if it's a function of being male, or just his personality, but managing screen time with Danny has become a big issue, much more so than with Clare. He loves them, to the extent that he is easily addicted. Which is why we continue to deny him a Wii or similar. It's hard enough to control his time spent on iPods, iPads, the computer, and watching TV.

After consulting friends, I recently changed our policy from zero screens Monday-Thursday, which resulted in a gluttony on the weekends, to 30 minutes every day. I think it's going well, especially since Danny has soccer and football to keep him busy. It did occur to me, though, what a hypocrite I am: No way could I limit myself to 30 minutes, or at least I really don't wanna. But the example I am setting struck me the other day, when I emerged from a quick shower to find the above photo. I'm thinking I maybe I should re-examine my own electronics policy. Nah.

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