Friday, October 19, 2012

The Danimal

Never has this particular nickname for Danny been more appropriate
that of late. While this summer he was intensely interested in reptiles,
now he has taken to wolves and animals of prehistoric times. Such
that a couple of weeks ago he asked me if I could please get him some
wolf pajamas. I scoffed that they do not make wolf pajamas, and he let
it go fairly easily. Curiosity got the better of me, however, and lo and
behold I found some on, where else, Amazon. He loves them.

Our most recent trip to the library garnered the selection of books
photographed here, which he has faithfully read. He told me the other
day that his assistant teacher enjoys when he reads to her, which he does quite expressively, and has
enjoyed the many facts about animals that he has shared with the class. In fact, she
suggested that when he grows up, he could have a TV show where he
teaches people about animals. I find this a much more palatable profession than
hunter, which he announced last week as his latest career ambition.
Suddenly a professional hockey player didn't seem so bad.

Of course, he's still interested in sports, and has found a way to
combine his interests: when he is playing a football or soccer game
around the house, his team is always The Wolves. He particularly loves
to go into detail, describing their uniforms. I'm not going to burst his bubble, as he thinks he's very fierce and tough. But as his teacher shouted to me across the parking deck the other day, "he's SO sweet - and SO smart." He's one of a kind, our Danimal.

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