Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pumpkin Pilgrimage

Gearing up for today's trip to Burt's Farm, I read last year's post about it, and will admit I got a tad nervous about how this would go. I was afraid maybe the place itself, or the tradition in general, was losing its charm for us. This was our fifth trip to Burt's, and I am happy to say that while last year may have been a B+, this was definitely an A visit. (Enjoy the memories from 2009, 2010, and 2011.)


In fact, I think it is safe to say this is an annual event for us. It's a haul to get to Burt's from our house, but it's a lovely drive through the North Georgia mountains that also allows us to take advantage of a good hour+ of together time for the five of us in the car - a rare event. We've learned to pack a picnic, which enables us to take our time throughout the visit. This year, as we strolled to our chosen picnic spot, we came upon another CKS family also enjoying their annual trek - which means Danny had a buddy to run around and play football with after he ate his lunch. Win-win for everyone!

Tim and I speculated that maybe this year was better than last because Laura is at a better age for such a trip. She was very interested in the pumpkins, touching them as she passed and content to run endless loops through the rows and rows. She also thoroughly enjoyed the hayride, which is a cheesy yet coveted part of every trip. Talking pumpkins! A fake bear!

As we had done in 2009, we decided to stop at Amicalola Falls before heading home. This year we made it a bit farther along the trail, affording us a better view of the falls themselves. Sadly, the kind European gentleman we prevailed upon to take our photo didn't quite seem to grasp the background scenery we sought.


In closing, a bit of nostalgia. Our very first visit to Burt's was in 2007, which predates the blog. Here is a picture from that visit, definitely prompting a "my, how they've grown!" feeling in my heart - Danny was younger than Laura in this photo:

Tonight Clare assured me that she'd be happy to make the pumpkin patch trip even when she's an old woman in a wheel chair. I sure hope so!

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