Monday, December 3, 2012

Tree Trimming Trio

As we have decked our halls, Laura has been increasingly impressed and proclaiming "pretty!" quite often. So it seemed only right that we include her in our tree trimming tradition this year. It definitely could have gone either way, as I had visions of her removing ornaments as we placed them, fighting with her siblings over them, or simply demanding to be held the entire time. Fortunately, none of that happened.   

Getting a decorating tutorial from Clare.
She was, however, mostly enamored with the feast portion of the fete. I think buffet is definitely her ideal meal. In fact, it wasn't until she had eaten quite a bit that I was able to snap a worthwhile photo of the three kids in their matching reindeer PJs.
Laura sat here, eating, for quite a while...
Eating more while overseeing some decorating.
Evidently the jammies were inspiring, as the three of them proceeded to play reindeer for quite a while once the star was atop the tree. (They dubbed Laura "Blitzen," which I think is pretty apropos.) Tim and I watched from the couch, admired the tree, and toasted our good fortune.

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