Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Christmas comes with so much anticipation, and not just on the kids' parts. While I have learned to enjoy the preparations as much as the day itself, I still heard a lot of "I can't wait!" from Clare and Danny. I am happy to say that I think the day lived up to their expectations, while we all enjoyed time spent with Donna, Larry, Karen and Brian. It's always hard to recapture the glory of the holidays, but here are a few images for our memories:

The Christmas miracle shot of all three, together in their fine duds.

Just a little resemblance among these three...

It was Danny's turn to put Baby Jesus in the manger this year.

Wearing matching jammies and surrounded by their new plunder.

A Colonial Christmas (plus Laura)

Lego Hogwarts gets built, thanks to Aunt Karen and Uncle Brian.

Clare with her Lego creations. Lots of Lego action this Christmas!

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