Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Tale of Three Valentines

To Clare and Danny, by far the most exciting element of a finished basement (which is coming along quickly) is a safe haven for their Legos. Clare asks about this a lot, wondering if there will be a table to leave creations (yes) as well as storage space (yes again). Danny has meanwhile asked about the logistics of moving his beloved Hogwarts castle. I think he may have actually lost some sleep over this one, and just doesn't trust Tim or me with moving it. Suffice to say, Legos are a big deal for them right now, which is what inspired this year's valentine gifts. Laura probably won't have any interest in her "baby" Legos, but I figured I'd at least try.

For the valentines they are distributing at school, both Clare and Danny stayed pretty consistent with last year's cards. I think Danny's first choice would have been wolf valentines, but Target didn't have any, so sports was an acceptable option.

It's incredible to think that by next year, Laura will have her own little classmates to distribute cards to as well. Heaven only knows what her selection will amount to!

Danny was diagnosed with a sinus infection after a call from the CKS clinic on Friday afternoon to come retrieve him, so here he is in his wolf jammies, slightly pitiful.

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