Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Growing Flower

My original caption for this photo was, "Unclear on the concept." But then a friend jokingly said, "She's a growing flower!" And I decided she was right.

Laura is definitely growing, sometimes painfully, other times charmingly so. Her hair is long enough for piggy tails, and she loves to wear tutus, preferably purple. She's using her imagination to play, even independently on occasion (huzzah!). I am now frequently able to reason with her, so that "you can eat that/watch that/do that after we xxx" is acceptable to her (well, most of the time). She is still very mommy-focused, although Clare and Danny are quite appealing as well - and boy, was she pleased with herself when Danny shared the shower last night. Par-tay.

One of her more common lines of conversation these days is, "When I'm a big girl, I can ..." This is often followed with "have coffee," "have wine," "have gum."  She also asks almost every day to go to school, then says "When I'm bigger?" We'll see if she's still singing that tune come August, when it's time for her to start preschool. Which I am most definitely looking forward to...but at the same time, she's growing fast enough.

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