Monday, April 29, 2013

Danny's Pre-First Birthday Bash

The nature of the Pre-First beast is that you get a lot of spring birthdays. So when we realized that Danny's birthday fell in the same week as two other classmates (and there are only 13 kids in the class), the three mothers who were involved got to talking. And planned what we were delighted to think was going to be the easiest - but very fun - birthday party ever. The boys just wanted to play football, and a jumpy house makes everyone happy. Throw in some cupcakes and a few snacks, request no gifts, schedule it for a Sunday afternoon, and you're done!

All of these things did, in fact, happen - along with a torrential rainstorm. The host mom wisely advised the families to pack a change of clothes, and so the P-1 class proceeded to have a wet and wild time. The jumpy slide-turned-water slide was a huge hit, and I am delighted to say no one was injured. Meanwhile, after forcing his dad to do this for a while:

Danny's buddy Ivan showed up (top photo), and they soon devised a game where Ivan (who preferred not to get drenched) would pass the football to Danny as he came down the slide. Pure joy.

Ultimately, the kids dried off, came inside for food, and then kept themselves busy with Twister, foosball and more. It was old school, and it made for this bunch of perfectly satisfied customers:

Happy #7 to Danny, Mary Margaret and Carter!

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