Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Clare the Guardian Angel

Clare, 5, with her Guardian Angel
Clare, 10, Guardian Angel

It was one of those "how can time possibly fly that quickly??" moments. The CKS eNews put a call out for all interested rising 5th and 6th graders to submit their names to become Guardian Angels to the incoming Kindergarteners. That included Clare. Surely it hasn't been five years already? I vividly remember writing this post about Clare's own Guardian Angel. Sunrise, sunset.

I've always known Clare would make an excellent Guardian Angel. I feel bad that we didn't get the chance to call her ahead of their first meeting, as Claire did for us, but small matter. Clare evidently made an excellent first impression on both Elle, the sweet little girl to whom she has been assigned, and Elle's mother when they met the first week of May. Oh, and on the Kindergarten teacher, who happened to mention to my carpool partner that Clare sweetly asked her if she needed any help before the kids arrived. That's my girl, and she really is an angel.

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