Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On the Waterfronts of Buffalo

The temperatures during our visit to Buffalo so far have been exactly what I hope for: cooler yet pleasant. A heavenly respite from the ATL. I also always hope to spend a lot of time along Buffalo's waterfronts, which never fail to appeal. It really seems like an unsung glory of the area, because nearly everywhere you go, you can find water. There's the park along the Niagara River (shown above), where we enjoyed lunch the day we arrived.
There's another spot farther down, also along the river, where we had lunch and where Danny decided he will be spending his summers when he is older:

There's the Naval & Military Park down along the Erie Canal:

And, of course, there's Bay Beach on the shores of Lake Erie in Canada, where we never fail to have a terrific amount of fun in the sun (thank you, Wards!):

Summer living at its finest!
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