Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Face That Launched 1,000 Frustrations

To clarify, the face I am referring to is not Larry's, who is truly a prince among men.
So. We are home from the 10th annual summer grandparent tour (!). I will not commence complaining about Laura until I mention that, first and foremost, it was a wonderful trip like it always is. The memories we make by virtually moving in with the grandparents are priceless, and I hope the kids will always treasure them as much as I do my summers spent in Kansas.

That said, it should also be noted that every single evening, Donna and I toasted each other with a glass of wine to salute surviving another day (and mom and dad and I were too busy sucking down our wine to toast very often). I've had more than enough people tell me that we "needed" Laura, because our first two kids were too easy. I like to think that Tim and I are usually up for a challenge, but I think we might be too fond of rational behavior for this particular one.

She wants cereal. No, Cheerios! No, cereal! No, not that bowl, the pink one. NO, NOT THAT PINK ONE THE OTHER ONE. Thrown toys, slammed doors, purposely upended bowls of pasta. Crying fits so violent that Danny was prompted to ask, once she finally got quiet again, "Is Laura breathing?" I would have seriously considered inquiring about the exorcism skills of the local parish priests if she had not been on her very best behavior every time we took her to mass. Which forces me to admit that she can be sweet (and almost always cute).

I realize I am not making headlines by asserting that the age of two can be terrible. I used to say that three was really the dreaded age. I also used to think that I had a handle on parenting and behavior issues. I am humbled. I once again vow to stop judging other parents by their children's actions or appearance. I cling to the words "this, too, shall pass"... and to the knowledge that each and every day, the magical bedtime hour arrives. Cheers!

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