Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Clare's 11th Birthday

Sweet Abby made this for Clare.
Doesn't 11 sound old? Nevertheless, that's what Clare saw fit to become on this latest birthday of hers. Happily, she is still her lovely self, a wonderful combination of maturity and age-appropriateness. After all, her latest infatuation is with Kermit the Frog, and her birthday list was predominated by American Girl items. Yet her heart's desire for celebrating her birthday is a day of shopping with me. Sweet.

Danny knows we sometimes need to go to extremes to get a photo.

In what she has declared a new tradition, the family went out for Mexican food for the second year in a row. A sombrero and celebratory dessert were featured at the end of the meal. Laura really liked the sombrero.
 The years really do roll by quickly. And with every one that passes, we love our Clare Bear more and more!

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jennifer morlan said...

And why not? Each year she becomes even more lovely!