Saturday, May 3, 2014

Eight is Great

Despite our pleas, Danny insisted on turning eight this year. As usual, we had multiple opportunities to celebrate, beginning with me bringing him lunch to school on his big day. I don't know why I don't do this more often, because Danny is always filled with genuine, unadulterated joy when I visit him at school. He could not sit close enough to me, rubbed my back, spontaneously told me he loved me. It was awesome.

He was clearly pleased to have his class sing to him, too, before enjoying brownie cookies. It is very obvious that Danny is a well-loved classmate!

In the evening, we enjoyed a family dinner, followed by presents (dominated by Playmobil's Roman series) and then cake (it's a Roman shield - trust me, I looked it up online).

But the fun did not stop there! The next day being Friday, we opted to host his party immediately following school at the local laser tag place. All but one of the boys in his class accepted the invitation, so we had quite a crew (plus Clare and Abby to round things out - Laura was kindly kept by a friend). Tim evidently dominated the laser tag portion of the party, so it's a good thing Danny was on his team.
Throughout the party, Danny was spirited, gleeful, but also kind to friends who weren't always in step with the group, and quick with his manners. No matter his age, Danny truly is a GREAT kid!

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jennifer morlan said...

Indeed he is! And very well loved by many, including his doting Grammy :-)