Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"Tonight is about piano music and red meat"

Another year of piano lessons culminated with a recital for Clare and Danny. As I was crabbing about various home-for-sale related woes, Tim admonished me, "Tonight is about piano music and red meat." And so it was. Both kids performed admirably, with Danny adding some oomph to his by swaying to the music as he played!

Donna and Larry were in town for the event, and Laura was with a sitter, so from the recital we headed out for dinner to celebrate Danny's birthday. He chose a Brazilian steakhouse, where he could eat all the meat he desired. He LOVED it, and courteously said, "Thank you, sir!" to each and every gaucho who served him."
 As usual, we are living large and loving it!


jennifer morlan said...

Please tell me you videod Danny playin n swayin!?

jennifer morlan said...

P.s. you have a wise husband.