Friday, June 13, 2014

I had the rare opportunity to spend several days in a row with just Danny. Clare had long ago signed up for basketball camp, and Laura loved her preschool camp last week so much that she wanted to go again. You bet!

So while the girls did their things, Danny and I enjoyed two different sushi lunches:

A hike, and lots of ducking viewings:

A movie viewing, joined by Quincy to Danny's delight:

Another lunch at a nearby wings joint (we felt the need to explore our new eating environs):

Some quiet reading time:

And finally, we went to cheer on Clare's team in the basketball camp championship:

Danny was a delightful companion, playing Legos and such while I tended to household things; a great conversationalist; and most appreciative of our time together. Camp Mommy was a mutual success!

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