Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Scene from a Porch

We continue to settle in to what truly feels like home now. It appears that it is a unanimous decision for the family as far as the favorite spot in the house: the screened-in porch. It is here that Laura and I have played countless (literally, I am afraid) rounds of princess Go Fish; we have whiled away hours with the Francos (who have dubbed it the "party porch"); and all five of us have spent lots and lots of time reading. I was preparing dinner last night when Laura walked by me, headed for the porch with a book in hand, saying, "I'm going to read, too." Naturally, I had to snap this photo.

From the first visit, Tim and I were sure this porch would be a winner - and, as usual, it's nice to be right.

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jennifer morlan said...

Love this. It truly is a Magical Treehouse!