Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Trip Prep

I woke up this morning and quickly started my mental rundown of today's trip preparation. As I sipped my coffee on the porch, savoring some quiet moments before everyone was awake, I realized that this is my 11th summer in a row for this Grandparent Tour. Truly we are blessed to do this, and grateful to Tim for providing us this opportunity while he stays home to keep the financial home fires burning. The kids have been eagerly counting down the days, and I am so looking forward to seeing family. However, let's just say that today isn't my favorite part of the trip. Although, it does keep me busy.

The first essential project is the last-minute load of laundry, which requires forcing kids out of pajamas earlier than usual in order to get them washed. The hope is to get the clothes into the dryer before we head to the ortodontist. Yeah, it's a glamorous day.

Secondly, and probably most important: the charging of the devices. This is the most crucial component of staying sane for more than five hours of flying with three kids. Of course, before the charging we have to make sure that each device is loaded with the desired movies, games, etc. Technology rocks.
Laundry accomplished, we move on to packing. Had I been more rushed, Laura would have in no way been involved in this process. Fortunately, we have the luxury of most of the day (orthodontist appointment and swim practice aside). Even better, after tossing these items into her suitcase, she got distracted by toy selection, enabling me to tidy up her bag.

Meanwhile, Clare spent more more time on her packing process, but blissfully unaided. She thrives on lists and organization (though that doesn't quite translate to how the clothes went into her suitcase, but whatever), so I feel confident she has done a thorough job.

Danny was more than willing to turn over the clothes packing responsibility to me, and as he has very questionable taste in appropriate styling, I accepted. Meanwhile, he made certain that his sword, shield, Quidditch ball and Roman books were loaded into his backpack. Priorities.

Last, but certainly not least: snacks! The airlines do a decent job of providing us with snacks, but a) often not quite enough, and b) what happens if you are delayed? Always be prepared - without taking up too much space.

Once this stuff is settled, including headphones, books, crayons, and sticker books, I turn to my own suitcase. And then usually fall into bed. I'm ahead of schedule so far, though, so 11 years later, I must have this down. Or, I've forgotten something. Maybe both.

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