Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Narcissism Meets Arrested Development

Laura is not always the easiest to be around. (Am I repeating myself?) While she is not always a picnic with me solo, I do think she ups the ante when other family members are around. I chalk this up to sibling rivalry, and competing for my attention. Paired with my patient personality (ha), this rarely feels like a winning combination. Thus, despite warnings from people who are well past this preschool age and apparently miss it, I do frequently fantasize about life with an older Laura.

Too bad she wants none of it. You would think that with siblings who are significantly older, she would chafe against her youth and long to join them in their advanced pursuits. Instead, for the better part of a year, she has informed me that she does not want to grow up. Just yesterday she said, "I want to stay with my tiny feets." In fact, she continues to ask about when she will be a baby again, and was genuinely devastated to learn that this would never come to pass.

So, she consoles herself by perusing photo albums from when she was a baby. I know most of us enjoy viewing photos of our younger selves, but I do think it's a tad hilarious that a three-year-old enjoys such nostalgia. Hopefully she will not make it her life's work to find the Fountain of Youth.

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