Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gold Seekers

A big project for the Second Grade at CKS is their "Georgia Museum," in which each student researches an important person, event or landmark for the state and they all present them at an afternoon gathering. Danny chose the topic of the discovery of gold in Dahlonega. Since it's merely an hour away, we decided we needed to make a trip there for authenticity's sake. Plus, it was a great excuse for a Mommy-Danny date (especially since Tim and Clare were off to the 6th grade girls' basketball play-offs - meaning a sitter for Laura).

We had a beautiful, sunny Saturday for our outing. Our first stop was the Consolidated Mining Company, which promised both a tour of a gold mine and the chance to pan for our own gold. They delivered on both counts, much to our delight. Danny was quite pleased with our haul of five pieces (miniscule, might I add) of gold, and even more so with the gemstones we mined afterwards.
Our tour took us down into the no-longer-active mine, where we saw railways and carts, drills, pumps, and even bats. Danny's eager mind absorbed it all enthusiastically.
After the mine, we decided to head to downtown Dahlonega and visit the Gold Museum. Danny won over the employee behind the counter when he informed her we were researching a school project, so we came away with helpful literature and a decent understanding of the gold rush. Which meant we were ready for lunch.
While the downtown area had several charming-looking eateries, we were both set on a spot we passed when heading into town: Danny's Restaurant! It turned out to be, as Danny said, "Quite a Southern place," filled with folks not in a hurry, cammo-wearing men, and down-home food. His bacon burger hit the spot, so he easily awarded it five stars. I was only so-so on the food, but the company was worth it!

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